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Watch Lunice’s Boiler Room Set, Featuring Flatbush Zombies and Mykki Blanco

The ever-amped, impish DJ Lunice opened Ray-Ban and Boiler Room’s SXSW Warehouse Broadcast in his trademark way with the mournful “RIP Trap” (formerly “RIP Swag,” when that was in vogue), followed by a spin of … read more »

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Watch Jamie xx’s Boiler Room Set

Opening with a better-than-the-original edit of The xx’s “Reconsider” (and, really, aren’t his edits always better), the group’s gifted producer headlined a fantastic, Young Turks-hosted Boiler Room this week. Watch his entire 55-minute set above. … read more »

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Environments: Boiler Room Goes International

In the endless debate as to whether or not the internet helps or hinders our ability to connect as human beings, we have a counterintuitive point on the pro side from Boiler Room, a private … read more »

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Four years ago my friend Kevin and I went on a trip to La Paz, the capital city of Baja Del Sur, Mexico. It’s difficult to get there direct, so we flew into Los Cabos … read more »

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Video: Physical Therapy Live at Boiler Room New York

A low-key dressed Physical Therapy opened the very first New York edition of Boiler Room last week, climaxing with an unreal club remix of Usher about 40 minutes in. Watch his set above, or stream … read more »

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Video: Animal Collective Live at the Boiler Room

A couple weeks ago, Animal Collective kicked off Boiler Room’s new morning broadcast, “Breakfast Show,” with a two-hour set of wavy jams and world music. Now, you can watch the footage as Deakin, Avey Tare … read more »

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Stream: Face + Heel, “One Hundred Years”

Early next month, Luke Taylor and Sinead McMillan, comprising the Welsh duo Face + Heel, will release No Stars, the first of three EPs planned for this year and the inaugural release of the new … read more »

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James Murphy Live at Boiler Room

For Boiler Room #83 James Murphy, who apparently “didn’t know anything about it” until the day of his surprise DJ set, but nevertheless swept in with the cool, salt-and-pepper air of a sage pro to … read more »

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Stream: DOOM Live at Boiler Room

Last night masked man DOOM (formerly MF Doom) DJ’d a set live at the Boiler Room and we’ve got the exclusive stream. DOOM was there putting out the word on the JJ DOOM record he’s … read more »

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Hyetal and Alison Garner Live at the Boiler Room

Before we ever actually went to the Boiler Room we assumed it was some thing that went on through all hours of the night. It would certainly fit the vibe, which is mostly dark and … read more »

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