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Sahra Motalebi, “Migrators” MP3 + Video

November 11, 2009

A year and a half ago, in FADER 54, we said that, "In song," Sahra Motalebi, "is murky, creepily inviting and frightening, both fearmonger and soothsayer. She sounds like she has a second career as an oracle." A year and a half later, that's still true. Starting on the 14th of this month, MoMA's Queens-outpost P.S. 1 will begin Saturday Sessions, a celebration of performance art that takes place monthly, every second Saturday. The inaugural event will feature J. Patrick Walsh 3, as well as Sahra Motalebi—an easy pair, as Motalebi comes from a family of Iranian folk singers, and Walsh's work focuses on Middle Eastern automative youth culture. Motalebi's set will feature visuals from collaborators such as Colin Whitaker, who directed the video for "Migration" above (and whose mp3 you can download below)—a possible glimpse into what to expect from her on Saturday. Motalebi writhes around on the floor, singing about negative space, which we are certain refers to matters of the heart and not the holes in her leggings.

Download: Sahra Motalebi, "Migrators"

Posted: November 11, 2009
Sahra Motalebi, “Migrators” MP3 + Video