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AC Bros, Crack Box Ltd Ed Prints Now Available!

November 19, 2009

How many million jokes could we make about what Animal Collective fans would be willing to do to get their hands on one of the brand spanking new, limited to 150 Crack Box screenprinted posters? Several million. But we won't because we actually really want one too. One the best things about the Crack Box is the mindspiral Jon Vermilyea's art induces before the needle even drops, so to have it in a format that allows us to literally roll it around our heads as if they were giant nugs in the AC cosmic spliff is a glorious thing. The only problem is that they will probably be gone by the time this post is done. Can't hurt to try though. Here's what the box set's creative director, Rob Carmichael, wrote about the poster's production:

Screenprinted in four colors to match the outer slipcase of the Animal Crack Box. Limited edition of 150 prints on high quality, all-cotton Coventry Rag 335 gsm paper. The printed area measures 18 x 35"; the full sheet measures 20 x 37". Copies are signed and numbered by Jon Vermilyea and SEEN. Suitable for framing (PLEASE don't simply tack this to your wall!).

And here's where to buy it: BUY IT!

AC Bros, Crack Box Ltd Ed Prints Now Available!