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Kevin Greenspon, “Softened” + Two More MP3s

November 19, 2009

Since we sent Dee Dee of Mayfair Set/Dum Dum Girls to talk to bands all over the California coast for a story in FADER 62, you've probably been wondering what's up with the dudes at Family Time Records. If your initial thought was, not much is up with the dudes at Family Time Records, you'd be wrong but forgiven because they've been steadily cranking out releases to little fanfare. And surprise, surprise! In the midst of all our sleeping on Family Time, they've released some jams from Kevin Greenspon, head of Bridgetown Records, who is releasing a Cloud Nothings CD-R. Should we be making a map of this? We're already getting confused. Although we're posting them on Thursday, the best look would be to save these pieces of pillowy guitar washed bedroom pop for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Download: Kevin Greenspon, "Softened"

Download: Kevin Greenspon, "Sundowner Lane"

Download: Kevin Greenspon, "Reveille" (all three via Get Off the Coast)

Kevin Greenspon, “Softened” + Two More MP3s