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Stream: Joy Orbison, “She Dressed In Her Best”

December 21, 2009

Perhaps hyped for his Boxing Day appearance at Cargo's Kaleidoscope Caravan Club in London, Joy Orbison just put a radio rip of his own brand new song up on MySpace. And from all appearances, it furthers our opinion that he is poised to be among the next wave of UK dance music that we become obsessed along with Zomby, Joker, Bok Bok, etc etc. "She Dressed In Her Best" is, as the DJ says, "emotional electronic music for the dancefloor," which is Queen's English for "Oh shit we just got pregnant in the club... with someone we have feelings for."

(via Discobelle)

Posted: December 21, 2009
Stream: Joy Orbison, “She Dressed In Her Best”