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Stream: Tanlines, “Real Life”

January 12, 2010

Out today as the a-side to a digital single (including remixes by Memory Tapes and Basic Needs aka Michael Bell-Smith), Tanlines' "Real Life" is Pokemon dancehall, or Eno soca. But wistful. The trouble was, I was alone sings Eric Emm (We think he sings that. It also sounds like later he says "Barcelona" with a lisp. Or maybe "mas aloha."). A friend recommended we listen to Moby's "Feeling So Real," this morning, and "Real Life" is an appropriate companion, but truly a more dominant track. Where "Feeling So Real" is marathon speed rooftop-shouting triumphant, "Real Life" is more rooted. Listen to all of the different drums. Those are the rhythms of life, not just rhythms of rave. All good moments but we want life soundtracks, not brief moments in time soundtracks. Tanlines is dance music in the same way eggs are breakfast food.

Stream: Tanlines, "Real Life"

Real Life by truepanther

Stream: Tanlines, “Real Life”