Stream: Various Songs by Rittz, Rap’s Long Lost Allman Brother

February 17, 2010

For those of you, like us, who have been eagerly bumping Yelawolf's recent mixtape, Trunk Muzik, you must have been equally curious about Rittz, the dude with the guest verse on "Box Chevy Pt 3," who raps:

Fuck a limousine, I'd rather ride Caprices/ My speakers vibrate the concrete beneath us/ Riding 85 northbound/ Shaking doors down/ So I turn the speakers up loud pissing off polices/ Fuck a five star chick/ Got a porn star bitch riding shotgun with it getting so wet/ Now she going down on me giving road head/ Busted on her forehead/Then I took her back to the homestead/ "Peace!”/ Back in the Caprice/ Took a sack of weed and crumbled it inside a cognac blunt wrap/ Then it's times to jump back on the highway 85 slipping in the seat like I'm hunchback/ And my Chevy looking so dope/ Old school rolls on it got it feeling like a rowboat/ Gold flakes in the candy paint dripping on the road/ Driving slow like a motherfucking showboat

And says it in about 15 seconds. (If you know what he raps right before he references Something About Mary, let us know in the comments because we cannot understand. "I got the Willis Sherman and it's coming out of carry on"?) So finally our curiosity got the best of us and we Googled dude to find out, uh, he has super long red curly hair and looks like an extra in a movie about Grateful Dead show tailgaters. Not sure what we expected, but that was not it. Like Yelawolf, he's a white guy from the South, though Georgia to Wolf's Alabama. And like Yelawolf he favors a quick diction and a firm pronunciation—though he best works at hyperspeed. It's possible that the "Chevy" verse is our favorite he's produced thus far, but we're definitely into "Aftermornin," where he anoints himself "white Jesus." Check some other tracks on his MySpace and keep tabs.

Stream: Rittz, various songs

Stream: Various Songs by Rittz, Rap’s Long Lost Allman Brother