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Danimals, “Fox” (Prod. by Mark Ronson) MP3

February 25, 2010

After winning a contest thrown by Tooheys Extra Dry lager, Australia's Danimals got flown to New York City to work with Mark Ronson in the studio. Sweet deal! The resulting track, "Fox," has Ronson's distinct kinda-British-everything-pop-always starburst, led by a killer fuzzy glam guitar and and a runner's bass and drums, everything extra 4/4. Says Ronson on the experience: "[Danimals] kind of pushed me in a way to go outside my creative box because they’re more experimental and stuff." So that's cool. Says Jonti Danilewitz of Danimals: "That week of song writing was a multi-sensory experience, not unlike making love for the first time in a tub of candyfloss and synthesisers, with fireworks spraying out of the lighting above." So there's that, too. The song is probably somewhere in between. Danilewitz goes on to say they've been back to New York recording at Electric Ladyland, so more music should be coming soon. Check the MySpace for some slightly lo-fi-ier jawns and someone call Wes Anderson's music supervisor.

Download: Danimals, "Fox" (via Rose Quartz)

Update: Download available at Tedthelab starting March 15.

Danimals, “Fox” (Prod. by Mark Ronson) MP3