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Stream: Gorillaz, “Superfast Jellyfish” + Plastic Beach Album Mix MP3

February 26, 2010

Damon Albarn might have a pact with whatever deity is capable of giving eternal youth and endless creativity. We're just listening to the Gorillaz' Plastic Beach teaser mix and thinking it must be good to be him, making weird ’80s beats for Lou Reed, De La, Snoop, Bobby Womack, Little Dragon, Mos Def and Mark E. Smith and then oh whatever reuniting the Clash and throwing The Lebanese National Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music on a song with Kano and Bashy. Not to mention having Hypnotic Brass Ensemble as a sort of house band. Truth be told, we actually wrote a wish list of a guest stars for this album and burned it so the smoke would reach heaven and apparently Albarn was chilling up there and made it happen. Plastic Beach will be real on March 8th worldwide.

Stream: Gorillaz, "Superfast Jellyfish"

Download: Gorillaz, Plastic Beach album mix (requires email registration)

Stream: Gorillaz, “Superfast Jellyfish” + Plastic Beach Album Mix MP3