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Nowa Huta, “In Forest Flesh” and “Preseli” MP3s

April 05, 2010

There's not a lot of info about Nowa Huta, except that they are a London-based duo on Tri Angle Records, a new label specializing in dark and weird new dance music. Like labelmates Balam Acab ( read more here), Nowa Huta's music sounds homemade, but they have their roots in dub and house, a twist that separates them from the bands who've been making fuzzed-out rock songs in garages (GarageBand) the last couple of years. Instead they cobble together home electronics and it all sounds like it as recorded in/inspired by living in a dark cave. Works for us!

Download: Nowa Huta, "In Forest Flesh"

Download: Radiant Dragon, "Preseli" (Nowa Huta Remix)

Nowa Huta, “In Forest Flesh” and “Preseli” MP3s