Nike Sportswear x The FADER’s Pitch Perfect Mixtape #1: South America by Maga Bo

June 01, 2010

As part one of Nike Sportswear and The FADER's Pitch Perfect program, we will be posting six mixtapes featuring music from six continents (sorry, Antarctica). Each mixtape will include brand new artwork by Siggi Eggertsson, eventually available as limited edition screen-printed posters. Stay tuned for mixtapes from Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and Africa over the next two weeks.

South America is a land of beautiful extremes. It’s home to the highest waterfall, largest river, longest mountain range, driest desert and biggest rainforest on planet Earth. It is also home to some of the world’s fastest feet and broadest smiles, no doubt inspired by the music emanating from seemingly every square inch of its geography. As a member of DJ/production collective Dutty Artz, Maga Bo has taken it upon himself to see as much of this continent as possible, starting with his homebase of Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. His travels have taken him not only around South America but every continent in the world, usually returning with a hard drive full of new collaborations and productions. His Pitch Perfect South America mixtape barely scratches the surface of all that this continent has to offer, but its an impressive start with jams from Guyana to Argentina, Brazil to Colombia. Take a listen and see how long you can sit still.

Download: Nike Sportswear x The FADER's Pitch Perfect Mixtape #1: South America by Maga Bo (right click, save as)

El Hijo de la Cumbia, “Soy El Control” (Argentina)
Petrona Martinez, “Un Nino que Llora en los Montes de Maria (King
Coya & Axel K Remix)” (Colombia/Argentina)
Choc Quib Town, “Somos Pacifico” (Colombia)
Fauna, “El Gauchito Gil” (Argentina)
Princesa, “Aqui Ilego Princesa (Frikstailers Remix)” (Argentina)
Samba de Coco Raízes de Arcoverde, “Ê Boi (Maga Bo Remix)” (Brazil)
Lucas Santtana, “M'Bala” (Brazil)
Digitaldubs Sound System, “O Arrego feat. Biguli” (Brazil)
Systema Solar, “Bienvenidos” (Colombia)
King Elio Boom, “El Fulo” (Colombia)
Jahdan Blakkamoore, “Earthshaking” (Guyana)

Nike Sportswear x The FADER’s Pitch Perfect Mixtape #1: South America by Maga Bo