Stylee Fridays: I Dream of Wires

June 11, 2010

Earlier this year Marina and the Diamonds performed at the Levis® FADER Fort wearing a pair of overalls splattered with smiling Mikeys. The dungarees were a one-of-a-kind creation by London design duo, I Dream of Wires. Stylist Lou Winwood and stylist/musician Pete Voss set up their vintage boutique a couple of years ago in the East End, and have begun putting together their own line in recent seasons.

As they put it, the new collection is a mishmash of feisty vixen silhouettes, acid festival capes and super heroines, which goes some way to explaining their liberal use of multicolored metallic spandex. Our favorite pieces rely heavily on vivid vintage prints—hot floral jumpers, patchworked harem pants and polka dot ruffled mini-dresses that tow the line between naughty and nice. Marina's overalls are in there too, thoughth this time covered in crotchets and semiquavers. There's a good tension between tomboy swag and rude gyal posturing in the clothes, an attitude that reflects the tongue-in-cheek style of London's street life. The selection of '80s and '90s vintage in the Wires webstore is just as cheeky and fun, with Phil Collins memorabilia and Cabbage Patch Kids clad in custom getups casually added to the sartorial lineup.

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Stylee Fridays: I Dream of Wires