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Droop-E, “I Am” MP3 and Southern Hospitality Mixtape

June 14, 2010

If you don't know who Droop-E is you might find it hyperbolic that his new Southern Hospitality mixtape is entitled "The Bay Genius"—and it's only volume one of the exegesis. In fact, it's about as accurate as could be: Droop-E started out as E-40's innovative, teenaged producer son, a kid who had beat credits under his belt by the time he was 14 and a rap credit when he was still in the single digits. But in less than half a decade, he's not only amassed a discography more renowned producers only wish they could gawk at (hence the need for multiple volumes), but he's consistently forging new paths and thinking outside hip hop paradigms in order to make music that no one's yet conceived. (Case in point: that recent Bjork joint.) On "I Am," he does it again, throwing sharp verbal barbs over a haunting, meat-cleaver beat that implies he's been spending time on the dubstep forums. When Whitney sang I believe the children are our future, (shout to Harvilla) she was talking about E-40's seed.

Download: Droop-E, "I Am"

Download: Southern Hospitality Presents Droop-E: The Bay Genius Vol. 1

Droop-E, “I Am” MP3 and Southern Hospitality Mixtape