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Premiere: Brodinski, Best of Everything Mixtape MP3

July 06, 2010

So... French DJ/producer Brodinski was trying to decide what to put on his next mixtape when he had a minor freak-out, realizing he was presently obsessed with too much music to limit his wares. (Brodinski's official Best of Everything talking point: "Help, I'm a music junkie!") So he cut down his endless faves into two halves and gave the whole an appropriate moniker. But even presented separately, you can see how the dude's lobes intersect—with the electro side a crushing techno coaster and the Southern-leaning hip hop side twerking mightily between scratches, clearly Brodinski is no shrinking violet when it comes to beats. Check his Tumblr for the tracklist, and download both sides below.

BEST OF EVERYTHING - 'The Hip Hop Side' by BRODINSKI & DJ ORGASMIC by brodinski-boe

BEST OF EVERYTHING - 'The Electro Side' by BRODINSKI by brodinski-boe

Premiere: Brodinski, Best of Everything Mixtape MP3