Ghetto Palms 108: Gappy Ranks / Jahdan / Petrona Martinez / Exclusive Drake Refix

Photographer Jonathan Mannion
July 22, 2010

Some things that happened in the Ghetto archipelago recently: 1) Diplo’s baile funkumentary “Favela on Blast” finally got released and screened at Cinespace (in LA? Anyway, I couldn’t go). 2) A village of Palestinians dressed up in Avatar blue martian make-up to protest Israel’s security barrier. 3) The inspiring Middle East arts journal Bidoun (which should be having a conceptual field day with the Avatar thing but as far as I know haven’t, to date) published the Part 2: Electric Boogaloo to Binyavainga Wainaina’s “How to Write About Africa” rant from Granta—broke me up like a sharp knife. 4) I put together this blend of really good songs that were too slow to fit into recent Ghetto Palms blends.

GP108 Slo-Mo Blend:
Super Grupo Colombia, “Cumbia Arizona” rebajadas version
Gappy Ranks, “Stinkin Rich” (Greensleeves)
Petrona Martinez, “Aroro” Nate Mars refix
Drake, “Over” De Tropix refix
Jahdan, “Flying High” (Lustre Kings)

Download: Ghetto Palms Slo-Mo Blend

Thanks to Jace Rupture for posting the cumbia track on the intro and thanks to Richard Antwi for the Gappy Ranks joint. I’ve been collecting these for a while now, like scraps of cloth just waiting for me to go Romare Bearden on them, so the fact that the day I recorded this sizzurpy slo-mo mix I had a fat row of stitches inside my mouth and was somewhat, um, altered on Vicodin (so overrated) is pure coincidence.

Speaking of Africa and its textual chimeras, I swear that ever since I worked on the FADER Africa Issue I have been getting less of the robotically-generated haiku type of viral emails—the ones from addresses like “Guerra X. Terry” and “Fadsandstone Sassafras,” with headers like “For everything auger”—and A LOT more of the Nigerian Prince/Estate lawyer running game type spam. I may start reprinting them here for your edutainment. Like for example this one:

Hello Dear I am Mr.David Ngida, an ex-banker and the name of my country is REP OF BENIN. A family friend MRS. Glory Akpa who happens to be the wife of a late banker and my former boss intimated me on her intention to invest the sum of US$19M (Nineteen Million U.S. Dollars) in a foreign country, being money left for her family by her late husband who died recently. I advised her to have patience as I will source for a reliable and trust-worthy investor who can receive, invest and manage the money very well for her. I am soliciting on her behalf for you to help her invest and manage the money properly in your country, her areas of investment interest includes but not limited to real estate and hotel. Please furnish me with your full contact details including phone Number For more clarification, so that I can give you more information for your immediate perusal. Best Regards, Mr.David Ngida

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Ghetto Palms
Ghetto Palms 108: Gappy Ranks / Jahdan / Petrona Martinez / Exclusive Drake Refix