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How to Dress Well, “Suicide Dream 2 (Spirituals RMX)” MP3

July 30, 2010

How to Dress Well's diaphanous R&B is at its most opaque on "Suicide Dream 2"—it sounds like Ghost Town DJs as heard through the fourth dimension, a spectre singing lullabies from the afterlife (watch the video after the jump). This was not lost on Spirituals, who swept the vocals into a kaleidoscopic curtain of stuttering rhythms and brightly lit synths that sound like the fever dreams of the recently deceased. So dark, yet so light! How to Dress Well, aka German philosophy scholar Tom Krell, is playing his first-ever US show on August 13 at Glasslands in Brooklyn, don't sleep.

Download: How to Dress Well, "Suicide Dreams 2 (Spirituals RMX)"

suicide dream 2 – how to dress well from How to Dress Well on Vimeo.

How to Dress Well, “Suicide Dream 2 (Spirituals RMX)” MP3