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Video: LOL Boys “123” + “Counting (123 Reprise)” MP3

August 11, 2010

The production duo known as LOL Boys popped up recently on a couple notable remixes: First, their bubbling version of Korallreven's "Loved Up" and then a hiccupy disco dub of Para One's "Toadstool." Remixes being remixes though, we were left with a mere handful of original tracks on MySpace to predict their future until Palms Out decided to unleash "123" on the world. It samples The D.O.C. and sounds like digital poutine, which makes sense since LOL Boys are from Los Angeles and Montreal, but along with Guido's "Mad Sax," is a song that we love that also kind of feels like a joke. And then well, LOL Boys, obviously. Download the unreleased reprise below and buy the "123" single on the internet.

Download: LOL Boys, "Counting (123 Reprise)"

POS019 - LOL BOYS - 123 by Palms Out Sounds

Video: LOL Boys “123” + “Counting (123 Reprise)” MP3