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Stream: LOL Boys, “Changes (CFCF Remix)”

October 04, 2012

Mike Silver, aka CFCF, really went for it on this remix, sliding a melodic riff from Bruce Hornsby’s "The Way It Is" (or Tupac's "Changes", depending on your era of reference) behind LOL Boys’ sleeper hit "Changes." The nod to those older tracks has a funny way of underscoring the gentle optimism of LOL Boys’ original. Where Hornsby and Tupac lament how things never change, these guys say they will when and if we do. An EP of "Changes" remixes, featuring additional takes by Todd Edwards, Groundislava and GRANT drops October 16th from Friends of Friends, and is up for preorder now.

Stream: LOL Boys, "Changes (CFCF Remix)"

Posted: October 04, 2012
Stream: LOL Boys, “Changes (CFCF Remix)”