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We Turned Into Our Parents, Too: Brimfield Antique Fair Report

September 17, 2010

We posted Cool Hunting's videos about the dealers and collectors at the enormous Brimfield, Massachusetts antique fair and gave them a light ribbing about having turned into their parents. And then we realized that they had turned into our parents. And by they, we just meant us. So when we heard that Petra Boykoff of killer sustainable design blog, Pretty Little Green Things, was headed up north to Brimfield, we asked her to report back on some of her strangest finds. After the jump is her report and lots of photos from this past weekend's sprawling sale.

What could be more green than vintage? My blog, Pretty Little Green Things, is all about stylish eco-friendly living, so when it came time for the last Brimfield Antique Show of the year, I decided to take a trip up to Massachusetts and see it for myself. I was expecting old antique furniture, vintage clothes and maybe an old wooden crate or two—don’t get me wrong, that was all there. But what I didn’t expect was all the super cool and random things I found. I’m not sure who actually collects some of this stuff (c’mon, how many Pluto dolls does one person really need?), but I thoroughly enjoyed happening upon each and every one. These are my discoveries of the best of the weird, interesting and out-of-the-ordinary from Brimfield, MA.

Posted: September 17, 2010
We Turned Into Our Parents, Too: Brimfield Antique Fair Report