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Premiere: Sub Swara, “Bend You” MP3

September 21, 2010

The Brooklyn/Bay Area trio Sub Swara is known for stretching far beyond the average computer rack to glean their next-level bass styles. As we noted in our Gen F in FADER 66, they travel the world sampling drum sounds both traditional and futuristic to freak their funk. But in the case of "Bend You," off their forthcoming album Triggers, it sounds like this time their beat vacation took them on an intergalactic spaceship ride, with giant rhythms and chirps that sound warped in from the outer reaches of the universe but retain a distinctly warm, human quality. This track inspires the kind of exhilaration that can make you tear up on the dancefloor (or, ahem, at your desk, listening through headphones). The art's not too shabby, either—watch a "making of" video about Trigger's ghost-Inception cover and download the song below, and check their updated tour dates here.


Download: Sub Swara, "Bend You"

Premiere: Sub Swara, “Bend You” MP3