Ghetto Palms 115: Special Max Glazer Guest Column and Blend

September 22, 2010

Since the great and benevolent Eddie "Stats" asked me to hold down Ghetto Palms this week while he's doing god knows what in India, I figure, what better time than to world-premiere Federation's Flatlands riddim. If you've been paying attention to the column, you may notice that it actually premiered on my Scion Federation Invasion: 5 The Hard Way EP with Terro 3000's "Gyal Dem Waah Mi." But this is the debut of the tunes from Mr. Lexx, Mr. Vegas feat. Natalie Storm, Bling Dawg and Flippa Mafia (fresh out of jail). Both Lexx and Vegas flipped the latest hip-hop dance craze, Cali Swag District's "Teach Me How To Dougie," into appropriately yardie-themed tunes. Mr. Lexx is creating a dance craze of his own with "Diggy," while Vegas and Storm hope teach the world how to "Doggy" (take a wild guess).

Ok, enough with the shameless self promotion. ZJ Chrome's Smokin riddim (the follow-up to his hugely popular "Mad Collab" aka Vybz Kartel's "Clarks" riddim) is another winner. There are around 15 or so tunes on it, but I've included some of the highlights from Mavado, Kartel, Tifa and Sean Paul. Speaking of Sean Paul, Mr. Dutty Yeah has been hard at work in the studio lately and just dropped a winner on Baby G's Badda Don riddim called "Go Girl." Badda Don has been bubbling for a minute, but Paul should help get some international ears tuned into one of the hardest riddims of the year. With "Beat Up Di Pussy," Kartel continues on his quest to earn the title of "slackest DJ ever"... I think he's got it locked. This one is yet another in his neverending string of hit songs. The Coppershot-produced "Cleanest" from Chedda & QQ seems to have slipped through the cracks, but of all the hip-hop-ish songs coming out of Jamaica recently, this is one of the few that really gets it right. Spragga Benz & Salaam Remi's "Shotta Culture" movement has definitely seen plenty of GP love, so here is some more... If all dancehall sounded like "Duppy Nuh Frighten Vampire" I would be a happy man. That is all.

GP115 Max Glazer Guest Blend
Mr. Lexx "Diggy" (Federation/Flatlands Riddim)
Mr. Vegas Feat. Natalie Storm "Doggy" (Federation/Flatlands Riddim)
Flippa Mafia "Mus Fly Again" (Federation/Flatlands Riddim)
Bling Dawg "Cut Off" (Federation/Flatlands Riddim)
Terro 3000 "Gyal Dem Waah Mi (Super Dub Mix)" (Scion AV/Federation/Flatlands Riddim)
Mavado "Stulla" (CR 203/Smokin Riddim)
Vybz Kartel "Dumpa Truck" (CR 203/Smokin Riddim)
Tifa "Move Ur Body" (CR 203/Smokin Riddim)
Sean Paul "Turn Me On" (CR 203/Smokin Riddim)
Sean Paul "Go Girl" (Baby G/Badda Don Riddim)
Vybz Kartel "Beat Up Di Pussy" (Blue Whale)
Chedda & QQ "Cleanest" (Coppershot)
Spragga Benz "Duppy Nuh Frighten Vampire" (Boom Tunes)
Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor "Cyaa Friend Again" (Dubplate)

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Ghetto Palms 115: Special Max Glazer Guest Column and Blend