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Premiere Stream: Blood Diamonds, “Feral Envelope” and “Aries”

September 30, 2010

You gotta think that there are a lot of dudes wandering the earth who use DJ Harvey as their entire inspiration. Like, who doesn't want that guy's life? He DJs and hangs in Hawaii and seems super chill and relaxed. No high blood pressure for him! (Sorry DJ Harvey if you have high blood pressure we're sure it's not too bad). Blood Diamonds aka Miguel Posco does not live in Hawaii, but he does make textured, good vibes dance music that sounds like it could come from living DJ Harvey's lifestyle. Both "Feral Envelope" and "Aries" are totally engaging on their own, or, if you want, they can comfortably disappear into the background while you lay in a hammock (aka sit at a desk that is nothing like a hammock and work). But that's why we have music. It's gonna take us somewhere tropical for only 0.00 dollars. Blood Diamonds' "Feral Envelope" / "Aries" single is out soon on The Pop Manifesto.

Feral Envelope by BloodDiamonds

Aries by BloodDiamonds

Premiere Stream: Blood Diamonds, “Feral Envelope” and “Aries”