Stream: LHF Collective, EP2 The Line Path EP

October 15, 2010

Alex Ross wrote a characteristically thoughtful re-examination of John Cage in a recent issue of the New Yorker, musing on his uncomfortable place in the music world, his prescience about the rise of electronic music and how he's influenced a score of artists and composers. And if he didn't have the research to back up his points, he could have just embedded this stream of LHF's forthcoming EP, EP2 The Line Path as evidence: five dubstep or post-dubstep or wotever u call it tracks by Double Helix and Amen Ra butted up against each other that blend voice, chaos, cacophony, ominousness, spaciousness and, most importantly, adventure—qualities in the spirit of the classic future-thinking composer. It's terrific, and out in November on Keysound. Go read this LHF interview FACT did earlier this year, while you're at it.

Stream: LHF, EP2 The Line Path EP

(via Blackdown)

Tracklist of the video:

Double Helix "Chamber of Light"
Double Helix "Bass 2 Dark"
Amen Ra "Candy Rain"
Amen Ra "Trifle"
Double Helix "Chamber of Light" (reprise)

Stream: LHF Collective, EP2 The Line Path EP