Pocketknife, The Extra Alchemy Mix

October 29, 2010

HEY DUDES DID YOU GET ENOUGH HALLOWEEN RELATED MATERIAL FROM US YET? Too bad. Here's some more. Savor it while you can because as soon as Monday rolls around we're going to talk about Christmas in every single post we write until, like, the middle of summer. Speaking of Christmas (kind of), back in ye olden days of FADER we had Pocketknife—who is a great DJ and producer and also manages to fit weirdo music into dance parameters without turning it into some weird mashup of like Gucci rapping over an Excepter song (we'll listen to it but can't those things just be separate things?)—do a Christmas mix for us back in the day on the strength of his crazy hyperactive Peanuts Christmas edit. Now he's back with this Halloween mix of jams he did nothing to and some he edited and remixd in creative ways for flow. It is awesome. Tracklist after the jump and also maybe a picture of a bat or ghost (there will be no picture, too lazy for Google image search right now).

Pocketknife Presents: EXTRA ALCHEMY by Pocketknife

Pocketknife Presents: EXTRA ALCHEMY

Pocketknife "Damaja Intro"
Broadcast and The Focus Group "What I Saw"
Susuma Yakota "Secret Garden"
Religious Knives "Adam (Pocketknife Mix)"
Demdike Stare "Conjoined"
Six Organs Of Admittance "Tukulti Will Burn (Pocketknife's Uprising Remix)"
Ghost Note "Pissed and Passed Out"
Quiet Village "Desperate Hours"
Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice "I Am The One I Am (Pocketknife's Spirited Remix)"
Demdike Stare "Bardo Thodol"
Dead Man's Bones "Lose Your Soul" Loop
Mount Vernon Arts Lab "The Black Drop"
Broadcast and The Focus Group "A Seancing Song"
LA Vampires & Zola Jesus "Searching (Pocketknife Mix)"
Liars "A Visit From Drum (Pocketknife's großer Kessel Remix)"
Pink Skull "Circling BWI"
Sian Alice Group "October's Piano"
oOoOO "No Shore"

Pocketknife, The Extra Alchemy Mix