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Video: Sore Eros, “Giraffe’s Kiss”

November 02, 2010

Question: which is the more alluring music video cameo? How about Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig via web cam in a European hotel room OR an enormous house cat wandering through the frame in the same quietly judgmental, lordly manner he/she might wander through your apartment AS A GUEST? Maybe you immediately want to say the former because he's affable, handsome and frontman for a very popular, forward-thinking rock band at the moment. But the cat, even if it acts as though it hates you or worse, that you're not even there, might be the wiser choice simply because cats know how to immediately make you want them. They know their terrain. See what we mean above, in the video for "Giraffe's Kiss," a sometimes disorienting, Vaselines-y first single from Sore Eros' forthcoming full-length Know Touching. It's like you spend the entire video wanting the cat to show up again, panicking once it leaves and then hating yourself for having not somehow caught its eye. So smart. (via Chocolate Bobka)

Know Touching is out November 15 on shdwply Records.

Posted: November 02, 2010
Video: Sore Eros, “Giraffe’s Kiss”