Blackburn Recordings’ Various Deficiencies Comp v. 1 MP3

April 14, 2010

If you're famished for Spector-ian fuzz, overdriven guitar whorls and all morsels of lo-fi, you should probably download this immediately (after you crank your levels into the red so you can hear its low tones properly on your headphones). Released as a sampler from the brand new, Brooklyn-based label Blackburn Recordings, it features bands from some of their past and future releases—i.e. Sultan's cottony dream-pop and Big Troubles' electrified meandering—plus excellent, guitar-amped tracks from their psychic bros like Campfires, Cloud Nothings, Coasting and Metal Rouge. This is the music people are doing in their musty basement cubicles right now, which is coincidentally similar to what people were doing in their musty basement cubicles a decade ago. Time is cyclical. Tracklist after the jump.

Download: Blackburn Recordings Presents Various Deficiencies v. 1 (via Chocolate Bobka)

City Center - Grow Up Again
Big Troubles - Chalk Circles
Cloud Nothings - Leave You Forever
Campfires - Oh Golden Dawn
Sore Eros - Melting
Brett Marren - Love Is A Jawbreaker
Possum - Red Hot
Coasting - Snow Song (Live on WNYU)
Lame Drivers - Working Song
Metal Rouge - Fast Flora Lights
Cursillistas - Trail of Tears
sleep in sundays - Flour
Falsetto Boy - Hey Sue
mountainhood - Coney Island
Sleep Over - The Key
Island's Eyelids - Western Cameo
Sultan - There Goes My Girl

Blackburn Recordings’ Various Deficiencies Comp v. 1 MP3