Slim Thug f. Dre Day, “Every Day” MP3

November 19, 2010

TGIF, guys! Too bad Slim Thug is not having a great day today:

But the whole point of this song is that a good wide-view will save you from bad days all of the time. When you boil it down, we're all blessed to be eating. Or, you could say:

This track uses a big-lung trombone fatness instrumental to ground a list of all of the icing-on-top-of-not-being-dead things that Slim Thug and Dre Day are grateful to enjoy: bad chicks, boss moves, winged cars. Is anyone on your social networks doing some kind of "I'm thankful not just on Thanksgiving but on every day of this month/year" kind of thing? Wall posts are a lame way to express your grace and praise. Instead you should probably invest in some kind of woofer technology and play this for your block and/or extended family. Have your baby cousin dance to it and share that with your digital friends. They'll appreciate it! Tha Thug Show, Slim Thug's third album, comes out November 30th.

Download: Slim Thug f. Dre Day "Every Day"

Slim Thug f. Dre Day, “Every Day” MP3