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Banana Clipz f. Los Rakas, “Afro Latino” MP3 + Mega-Mini Mix

November 22, 2010

As fans of our weekly Ghetto Palms column may know by now, Banana Clipz, the production duo of Chief Boima and Oro 11, have a new EP coming out on November 29th for free on Ghetto Bassquake in conjunction with Bersa Discos. It's filled with muggy, percolating sounds pulled from the equatorial band around planet earth and some stellar guest vocalists, including Panama-by-way-of-the-Bay duo Los Rakas, Bay Area-based Guyanese dancehall MC Tidal, Sierra Leone-born singer Khady Black, and Black Nature of San Francisco's Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars. We've got the first song off the EP with Los Rakas for those who can't wait another week, along with a mix of all the other tracks and suggest listening to it while looking at the calendar, your vacation balance and

Download: Banana Clipz Preview Mega-Mini Mix

Download: Banana Clipz f. Los Rakas, "Afro Latino"

Banana Clipz f. Los Rakas, “Afro Latino” MP3 + Mega-Mini Mix