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Mark McGuire, “Nothing Personal” MP3

November 23, 2010

Mark McGuire plays guitar in the Cleveland band Emeralds, but he's on his own for Misunderstandings, the two guitar-piece tape he just put out on Deception Island. "Nothing Personal" is like a fifteen minute chunky sweater. Here's a live play by play:

0:08: This is the loveliest acoustic version of a record needle being stuck
0:35: Desperado
1:24: Celtic blues, lavender haze
2:48: Feedback windstorm (small one)
4:44: Mortal Kombat cosplay girl but a cute one
6:26: Caddie Woodlawn fording a river to this
6:55: The singing bowl at Yoga To The People, what would it be like to take a soundbath?
8:04: At the end of an argument where everything has been said but you feel like you've got a new way to say it and/or a more diplomatic stance and you're trying to get it across emphatically
10:09: Friday night high school football, you're losing or an injury
12:31: Cocoa with cognac
13:32: Silverchair
14:08: Dreamcatcher store
14:52: Nausea after running

Download: Mark McGuire, "Nothing Personal"

Mark McGuire, “Nothing Personal” MP3