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Premiere: Jokers of the Scene, Don’t Become Another Victim Yourself Mix

December 01, 2010

Toronto-based Jokers of the Scene have long been outspoken fans of Weird Jams. Like, maybe they'll put out a single from deep in the rave cave and then five minutes later tweet about Tim Hecker or Fennesz or some other equally weird ambient shit. Lately, though, they've been pushing that stuff to the forefront, drawing Salem's "Asia" into a 10-minute dance drone epic that we listen to like six times a day. Six times! That's an hour devoted to one song a day. But this isn't about that—at least not directly. Here they go further down the rabbit hole, throwing in songs from Gatekeeper next to their own stuff next to an Oneohtrix Point Never remix before ending the whole thing on a calm note with Emeralds' "Now You See Me." From our listening experience, it's generally not the easiest thing in the world to make a mix that moves with songs like these, but JOTS pull it off, and rather than sounding like a bunch of tracks with a similar vibe jammed together, Don't Become Another Victim Yourself flows like an actual piece of music itself. For more Jokers, check out their new single right here. As always, tracklist for the mix is after the jump.

Jokers of the Scene "Don't Become Another Victim Yourself" by Jokers of the Scene

Francesco Clemente "Il Sogno di Leonora"
Shock "R.E.R.B."
Factory Floor "16-16-9-20-1-14-9-7"
Gatekeeper "Visions"
Retro/Grade "Escape Sequence"
Archie Bronson Outfit "Chunk (6th Borough Project Rmx)"
Padded Cell "Signal Failure"
Shit Robot "I Found Love (Wild Geese Rmx)"
Jokers of the Scene "Joking Victim"
Chateau Marmont "One Hundred Realities (Oneohtrix Point Never Rmx)"
Populette "Populace"
RMVN "Amen Adorno"
Stopmakingme "Discuss"
Marc Houle "Hitcher Man"
Hrdvision "Captivated Heart"
Extrawelt "My Stupid"
Max Cooper "Ripple"
Boubastar "Cosmic Meditation"
Emeralds "Now You See Me"

Premiere: Jokers of the Scene, Don’t Become Another Victim Yourself Mix