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L.E.$., “Like Me” MP3

December 16, 2010

At the head of it, it's not hard to imagine that the flute on "Like Me" is a real one, as if some silk-smooth Augustus Pablo type dude (but, you know, replace the melodica for a flute) is actually hanging out in the studio in Houston, sharing stories about all his tours and sessions with the massed up rascals. Don't mean to call L.E.$. a rascal like that, cause he's actually prematurely OG, already humble, still lives wrong but knows that no one can call anything 'right', really. Things are what they are. Makes good sense then, vibes well, that L.E.$. is releasing a mixtape tomorrow called Quik Tape, that is all him rapping over classic DJ Quick tracks. But sidebar; dude please augment your handle because that shit is not google-able. Also not to go full-yenta, cause we hope he had a fun time on the Southern leg of the Smoker's Club Tour, but if you accept High Times' endorsement enthusiastically, these days, you might need the money to not care about getting raided and/or arrested. Just saying! #BeAware

Download: L.E.$., "Like Me" (Via Nah Right)

Posted: December 16, 2010
L.E.$., “Like Me” MP3