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Bok-Bok’s FACT Mix MP3

December 17, 2010

On March 4th of this year Bok Bok wrote “BUSY BUSY” on his Myspace, which seemed as big an understatement then as it does now. It’s getting pretty deep in 2k10.0, but it feels like we were just typing “big things happened for Bok Bok last year,” twelve months ago, and also wow it’s about to be a whole other January. As wildly forward as this mix is — Girl Unit’s Katy B instrumental, new Kingdom, trying to guess what “Unknown - Unknown” is — what secretly pumped our jams more than anything was the first 15 minutes in anticipation of DJ Tameil’s year-old “Back It Up” drop. Feeling so nostalgic right now; Tameil: we see you. You deserve at least 80 more tags on this blog. And Bok Bok, please: big things 4eva. Full tracklist after the jump.

Download: Bok-Bok's FACT Mix

01 Altered Natives – Voyage [Bosconi]
02 Lazer Sword – Batman (Lando Kal remix) [Innovative Leisure]
03 Boddika – Underground
04 Cooly G & DVA – Oi Dirty [forthcoming Dub Organiser]
05 Pearson Sound – Deep Inside Refix
06 Dubbel Dutch – Darq
07 DJ Tameil – Back It Up (Mike Q Ego edit) (BB strip)
08 F – Slowdown
09 Fiedel – Doors To Manual [Ostgut Ton]
10 Hindzy D – Shrapnel [Lix Corruptions, Sting Recordings]
11 Jam City – Arpjam VIP
12 DJ Deeon – Time To Work [Ghetto Test]
13 Lil Silva – Shutter
14 Unknown – Unknown
15 Instra:mental – Voyeur [Disfigured Dubs]
16 Youngstar – The Forumla [DDJS]
17 Bok Bok – Look At Me dub
18 T. Williams – Can We (Tatankey Mix) (BB edit)
19 Raw Milk – Spreo Superbus [forthcoming Numbers]
20 Kingdom – Let You No
21 Katy B – Lights On (Girl Unit Instrumental)
22 DB-X – Flying Causer (12″) [Accelerate]
23 Point 5 – Feeling Dizzy [Baainar Records]

Bok-Bok’s FACT Mix MP3