Video + MP3: Jim Jones f. Rell, “Blow Your Smoke”

December 20, 2010

There are several notable things about this video:

1. This song is good.
2. Hell Rell is not any less hellish, this is some smooth R&B dude. Hell Rell should start a group with Rell called Hell Rell & Rell or Rell Hell Rell or Hell Rell(s) or Rough & Smooth or something like that.
3. The narrative style of this video is amazing (and stolen from a movie we can't remember?), especially the part in the first verse where Jim and his girl act out the line "She started pressin' buttons told her stop that [chill out]."
4. Nice title font.
5. Will we get murdered if we find a bag of weed on the curb and take it? Not that we did. And definitely not that we made weed brownies with all of it and then ate them. Just asking, because if we did find a bag of weed and make brownies and eat them and were going to get killed over it, we would be sorry. And super high.
6. Whale shower curtain.

Download: Jim Jones f. Rell, "Blow Your Smoke"

(via Rap Radar)

Video + MP3: Jim Jones f. Rell, “Blow Your Smoke”