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Yuck and Porcelain Raft Cover Each Other

December 21, 2010

Fans of Yuck know that the band sounds like they hopped out of a time machine from the world of indie rock in the first half of the '90s (except when they do ultra depressing piano jams like they do here), and fans of Porcelain Raft know that the dude sounds like he came from a future where there are musical boundaries and everything is fair game to be blended up with everything else. Now, they've covered each other for a record. If we didn't know better we'd think each track was each band's original. Porcelain Raft's take on "The Wall" is rippling and beautiful and tense, while Daniel B of Yuck—recording here solo as Yu(c)k (confusing we know)—pares everything down to just stark piano so heavy that it could back one of those Academy Awards montages about actors we've lost in the year. Get the physical record right here while you still can and listen to both tracks below, courtesy of Transparent.

Download: Porcelain Raft, "The Wall" (Yuck Cover)

Download: Yu(c)k, "Despite Everything" (Porcelain Raft cover)

Yuck and Porcelain Raft Cover Each Other