What You Missed Over the Holidays: EVERYTHING (and Nothing)

January 03, 2011

As you settle back into the indentations in your Aeron chair, feeling an uncomfortable stretch on your spine as it readjusts to its natural office hunch, you may be wondering to yourself, as the holidays disrupted your normal work-avoidance routine of regular RSS and social network perusal, What in the hell is going on exactly? To be honest, nothing really, but let's not kid each other and pretend that you're going to lead a regular non-internet life in 2011. Here's a quick round-up of the earthshaking actions taken by your favorite artists over the last week or so along with some other things of note...

Kanye won everyone's lists, his "Monster" video leaked, Jay-Z brought him out on New Year's in Vegas and Kanye said Watch The Throne would be out this week.

Lil Wayne rang in 2011 in Chicago with his bros and Bangladesh showed us how he made Wayne's "'A Milli' on steroids," the juggernautish "6' 7"."

Rick Ross made a split video for "9 Piece" and "Even Deeper" off his new Ashes to Ashes mixtape.

MIA released a mixtape with some old and some new songs on it.

Gorillaz released The Fall, an album they recorded on an iPad while touring the US last year, during the fall.

Teena Marie died at 54. Billy Taylor died at 89. Bobby Farrell of Boney M died at 61. Bernard Wilson of The Blue Notes died at 64. Pete Postlethwaite died at 64.

And the apocalypse began in Arkansas, though, somewhat surprisingly, the locals blamed it on science and/or fireworks, the logic of which may be the truest sign of impending doom.

What You Missed Over the Holidays: EVERYTHING (and Nothing)