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Stream: How To Dress Well, Going in 2K!! Mix

January 04, 2011

Believe it or not, yesterday we flew across almost the entire world, beginning the morning in Israel's contested West Bank, then safely moved by French flight attendants to Queens and eventually propelled by ourselves and the malevolent Metro Transit Authority to our home. For those hours we spent sitting in stale air, with automated lights and wrongly paced pre-packaged meals approximating the actual passage of time, our usual commuting headphone fare, too-loud Nicki or stick clingy dancehall, didn't evoke the type of succumbing and placelessness you experience while in the air, in between. What we did listen to was Physical Therapy's deep and thick remix of Alica Keys' "Unthinkable" over and over and felt untethered but ready to drop into whatever. How To Dress Well included the same song, maybe same sentiment, in this decade starting kind-of pump-up mix. Our fave Ciara remix in there, too. Whole track rundown after the jump.

(Via Altered Zones)

01 Marcus Fjellström: "Tremolous"
02 Blondes: "Paradise City"
03 Alicia Keys: "Unthinkable (Physical Therapy Rmx)"
04 Holy Other: "YR LOVE"
05 *****
06 Ciara: "Deuces (Nguzunguzu Rmx)"
07 Azari & III: "Reckless w Your Love"
08 Nguzunguzu: "Rec Loose"
09 *****

Stream: How To Dress Well, Going in 2K!! Mix