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Lil B More Famous than Justin Bieber, Can Cook for Himself

January 21, 2011

In “Dr. Phil,” a weirdly color-tinted Lil B shuffles six ringing BlackBerrys while wearing golden mandarin-collared pajamas. There’s cooking in it as well, nothing out of the ordinary. Then last night Justin Bieber yfrogged his chef at a hibachi steakhouse, and called out, "Whoop! Schwag! Based God!" Later he added this snide little shout out:

Which is wrong. But Lil B told Bieber he loved him and asked Bieber to follow him, which Bieber did. Eight months ago our jaws would be on the floor, but not so much today. Clearly a legendary moment, clearly a #rare follow, but clearly in “2011 HIP HOP WILL BE CHALLENGED,” as the “Dr. Phil” description proclaims. Lil B's video has 150,000 views in the day and a half since it was posted, at least. Bieber's hibachi has 36,000. FADER Front Cover.

AND THEN: Fresh off the heels of Angels Exodus, Lil B’s darker Red Flame Devil Music Edition mixtape release seems imminent. The first single is out on iTunes. He's mad. It sounds like gun shots over Donkey Kong.

Stream: Lil B, "Get Em"

Lil B More Famous than Justin Bieber, Can Cook for Himself