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Wiz Khalifa “Big Screen” MP3 + “Black and Yellow” Going To The Superbowl

January 24, 2011

We have wondered before: Does Wiz Khalifa's mom smoke weed? Did Wiz experience the teen right-of-passage fear of smelling too skunky in the wrong company? We figured his grinder was always out and proud, hanging in a chill kids basement or porch room in his family home where it was okay to get home-base blazed. He confirms his lucky evasion of typical early stoner paranoia on the heavy vox-affected "Big Screen," saying "mom smoke hella weed, I'm a wavy baby." In that song he also says some people are "in desperate need of a leader so they follow." Last night before this year's AFC Championship game, a sold-out crowd of more than 65,000 fans assembled at Heinz Field followed young Wiz and fellow Pittsburgh native Billy Gardell (He was in Bad Santa!) in the Terrible Towel Twirl. Then the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the NY Jets, 24 to 19. They'll go on to meet the Green Bay Packers in Superbowl XLV, in what we're going to call a 'classic' face off based exclusively on what Starter jackets were most popular in our elementary schools. Bummer, Jets! Diplo offers this condolence:

Watch an enthusiastically flip-cammed fan video of Wiz performing the new best Superbowl anthem ever without Amber Rose onstage and one pudding video we can all agree on, after the jump.

Download: Wiz Khalifa, "Big Screen"

Wiz Khalifa “Big Screen” MP3 + “Black and Yellow” Going To The Superbowl