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Savage: “Mi Nah” Like Jim Carrey Either

January 28, 2011

Savage says that some people, just to get smarthphones to give away at merry Christmas, will do something funnier than Jim Carrey. We're not sure what, even though we played it back more than a couple times. Could be anything, since that's what is funnier than Jim Carrey. Most of the things in this Janelle Dyer film for this Ital Stew Riddim standout are paused in the jiggy 2000's— the Bar Mitzvah favor red plastic shades, Bape-type print warm ups. Hair braiding, split screen shots, lip gloss and avocados however, are timeless. At the end there's a little teaser of a jam we're gonna assume is called "Don't Diss Da Man." All in on the budget!

Download: Savage, "Mi Nah"

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Savage: “Mi Nah” Like Jim Carrey Either