Ana Tijoux’s Elefant Mixtape

February 11, 2011

Fun fact: Ana Tijoux is the second Chilean ever nominated for a Grammy in its 53-year history, which probably means those dudes need to dig deeper. Seriously, Alison Krauss is sweeping that shit with a record 27 wins on a fiddle and a Chief Prosecutor Rhonda Pearlman hairdo. But it also means that Tijoux is finally getting some institutional props for her gold-gramophone-worthy talent as Santiago’s proudest polyglot rapper. The nominated album in question, 1977 (her birth year), is super-autobiographical on dead-serious beats, with raps about psychic loss and learning in both Spanish and the French she picked up in Paris when her family fled Pinochet. The Elefant mixtape’s got 1977 remixes by lowkey dudes like Jaylib, Waajeed and Jake One, so we pick up on her vibrations even clearer -- like Erykah Badu, she’s great at tapping into the easiness that comes from feeling super strong and comfortable in your own bones. It also doesn’t hurt that her voice in general is chillcation status—she’s a smoky consonant-emphasizer that doesn’t mince syllables or sentiment. Straight talk, sans strings. If you’re in California, check her out in person next week on her little Pacific Coast Highway tour. Mixtape info and tour dates after the jump.

Download: Ana TIjoux's Elefant Mixtape

Feb 12 – The MojaMoja Pre-GRAMMY Brunch feat. Ana Tijoux, Flying Lotus & Bilal @ W Hollywood – Los Angeles
Feb 12 – Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles
Feb 14 – The Casbah – San Diego
Feb 17- Salon Jose Cuerco- Mexico City
Feb 18 – Elbo Room – San Francisco
Feb 19 – The New Parish – Oakland
Feb 20 – Sol Collective – Sacramento

Produced by: DJ Tee
Mixed by: DJ Dacel

Tambalea (Tee Remix)
Obstaculo (Tee Remix)
Problema De 2 (Tee Remix)
La Rosa De Los Vientos Remix (Oddysee Instrumental)
Partir De Cero Remix (Jake One Instrumental)
Un Dia Cualquiera Remix (Tee Remix)
Crisis De Un MC Remix (M-Phazes Instrumental)
Pie Izquierdo Remix (Fs Green Instrumental)
Mar Adentro Remix (Geoslide Remix)
La Vida Es Como Un Sueño Remix (Kev Brown Instrumental)
Sube Remix (Jaylib Instrumental)
Nueva Condena Remix (Tee Remix)
1977 Remix (Waajeed Instrumental)

Ana Tijoux’s Elefant Mixtape