GP 131: Super Cat x Hardhouse Banton / Maximus Dan x So Shifty / Ragga / Trinitech

February 23, 2011

Where to start—Libya in turmoil, revolution spreading like a virus from North Africa to Real Africa (and not sure whether its worse when they report it that way or when they just don’t report it). CIA dudes and Pentagon officials getting exposed or mysteriously turning up dead. What is it the '60s, now? Arctic weather has once again descended on New York and meanwhile in the actual Arctic, POLAR BEARS CAN’T FIND FUCKING ICE. Cats and dogs are living together and in Trinidad…Carnival time! Seriously, I had a set of harder dancehall-tempo stuff to mess with this week, too, but in spite of the madness I am so feeling the Road March vibe that I had to ride the Trinitech wave for another week. Yayyy—

Maria Mulata intro
Ragga, “Bumpas Rolling Tonight” (Mad Architecht J’Ouvert Roadmix)
Hardhouse Banton, “Rock and Come In” (Super Cat Dub)
Funkystepz, “Fuller” (Hyperdub)
Funkystepz, “Hurricane Riddim” (Hyperdub)
MX Prime aka Maximus Dan, “Performance Pt. 2” (So Shifty)

Download: GP 131 Trinitech Blend

A quick pedigree for the blend: The Maria Mulata intro is from a forthcoming Geko Jones project that I will be playing in full soon, if not next week. I was put on to the Super Cat house dub by Gabriel of the London-based Heatwave crew. The two UK tracks are from new crew Funkystepz, who make pretty much what their name suggests—the more tech end of the trinitech spectrum. But the tough So Shifty track with MX Prime (the soca artist formerly known as Maximus Dan) brings it all back together. Like the man says, you’re free / you’re free to jump and wave…but then again he also says Burn it, burn it / down, down. So get in where you fit in.

From The Collection:

Ghetto Palms
GP 131: Super Cat x Hardhouse Banton / Maximus Dan x So Shifty / Ragga / Trinitech