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Eminem f. B.O.B, “Things Get Worse” MP3

Photographer David Walter Banks
February 24, 2011

The beat and instrumentation on this unreleased track are spare and reproduce themselves till they run out—bad for driving around to or going for a run, good for practicing your raps against and reps of weight lifting, maybe. Leather jacket era Em drops an F bomb (not the "fuck" kind), makes passes at Angelina Jolie first, Jessica Simpson as back up and Dakota Fanning very last. Whenever soul of a shaman B.O.B. talks about comets, we like to of it as direct three stacks reverence.

Download: Eminem f B.O.B, "Things Get Worse"

(Via Nah Right)

Eminem f. B.O.B, “Things Get Worse” MP3