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Want to Get Intimate with Lykke Li in NYC?

Photographer Leonie Purchas
February 25, 2011

MTV is filming an intimate concert with FADER #71 cover star Lykke Li for their Unplugged series on March 4th in New York City. Love Lykke and want to attend the taping? You’ve got to be a city resident and available for that whole day. To hit up Put “Lykke Li- FADER” in the subject line and let them know who you are and why you’re a great fan. To receive complimentary admission you’ve got to address a lot of specifics—details for how exactly to get in the room are after the jump.

Your email must include the following:

Age: (Gotta be at least 18!)
Recent Photo:
Guest Name and Age: (You can bring ONE friend)
Favorite Lyyke Li Song:
Why you’re a fan:
Why you should be in the audience:

Want to Get Intimate with Lykke Li in NYC?