, Brand New and Beautiful

March 05, 2011

When The FADER launched 12 years ago, it was a DJ magazine. In the years since, we've evolved, expanding our coverage not only across all genres of music, but also in scope, looking at fashion, film, art and just about any creative pursuit. When launched in 2005, back in the golden age of heavy magazine page counts and flusher budgets, it was a traditional, early days blog. The couple of folks who ran it didn’t try to catalog all music and video holistically. Instead it was their mind garden, a place to supplement the brain trolling in The FADER's print edition and talk about things that felt important. That spirit is still at the core of this site. How we use the internet has changed since then, though, so we're probably going to talk about Twitter and what kind of arugula Kanye ate for lunch.

Welcome to an all new! In the past year, our creative director Justin Thomas Kay has re-imagined much of the way The FADER magazine looks and feels while striving to keep everything beautiful and we've tried to replicate that here. We've simplified, cleaned up and given heavy emphasis to what is brand new. We post all day long about new music, fashion, events and across myriad other categories. Whatever ultimate home a post may have, it will always show up as “Newest” on our home page. Beside that featured post, you can see a list of all the most recent posts in every category, as well. And because we know lots of you come to us as a trusted MP3 supplier, we've called out our newest songs in their own feed, complimented by our newest columns, where you can get our writers' in depth looks at everything from Caribbean music to the deep heart of YouTube. And for those of you who want to view all of our content as one feed updated across sections, old school style, just click "see all current posts" at the bottom of the "current" box.

We make FADER because we love music and its surrounding cultures. We want that diversity to shine through and to make it easy to access, participate in and share with your friends. We hope bigger text and images, more white space and visual breathing room will make everything simpler to read, from all our music content to just our posts on Henrik Vibskov. For those of you who love particular voices, you can click an author’s byline to read all of their posts along with a bio to get familiar with everyone behind The FADER. We want it to be as easy as possible for you to see the exact content you want, be it everything or one very tiny thing. It's up to you. Talk to us, comment here, on Facebook and Twitter with questions, comments and suggestions—it's still a work in progress. If life in general is messy, the internet's got to be a complicated place. As quick as we're moving, we want to be a place where you can slow down.

Posted: March 05, 2011, Brand New and Beautiful