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ZZK + Leandro Erlich’s The Sound of Buenos Aires Mix MP3

Photographer Luna Paiva
March 09, 2011

Villa Diamante and El G of ZZK Records in Buenos Aires came together at a time when the experimental cumbia scene was bubbling up and decided to start a weekly club night called Zizek Urban Beats Club, or Zizek for short. We profiled their boundary breaking work in FADER 55. Shortly thereafter they started their own label, ZZK. Here they collaborate with artist Leandro Erlich and Brooklyn-based DJ n-ron for the third installment of Daniel Perlin's curated series of mixtapes for Domus.

Download: ZZK + Leandro Erlich (mixed by r-non) The Sound of Buenos Aires

1. Tremor - Caracol (Version Satelites de Rigo por Clorofila mx3)/recoleta-50130 fernando/Leandro Erlich #1
2. Chancha Via Circuito - Cumbion de las aves
3. Tremor - Viajante_(Sandro_Dalepedro_rmx)
4. recoleta 2-fernando/Leandro Erlich #2
5. Daleduro - Moment of Smoke (Villa Diamante Cumbiastyle)/oyez__marcha_de_la_resistiencia
6. Lagartijeando feat. Boogat -El alto de la paz
7. King Coya- Don Axelina feat. Tremor & Axel K /Leandro Erlich #3
8. Cero39 - Cumbia Blue Dub (especial edicion) feat Catar_Sys
9. Un Mono Azul feat Lido Pimienta - Ninfa de la mar
10. Leandro Erlich #4
11. Super Guachin - Me fume el fichin
12. Fauna - Latin/Fauna - gauchito_gil-black_bass_mix
13. El Remolón - El Preferido (ruff mix)
14. fernando-santelmo1/Leandro Erlich #4/Micaela Chauque (Daleduro refix)
15. Doña María - Ya me voy (Chancha Vía Circuito remix)
16. oyez__rivadavia_avenue

Posted: March 09, 2011
ZZK + Leandro Erlich’s The Sound of Buenos Aires Mix MP3