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Lil B’s Illusions of Grandeur Mixtape MP3

March 11, 2011

At the risk of becoming our dream sub-blog All Based News All The Time, here's Lil B's latest mixtape, released through XXL in honor of his place among their 2011 Freshman class. "Illusions of Grandeur" was a Red Flame: Devil Music standout, and its pitched-down, blown-out remix here is mind boggling. Ostensibly one of his more "hip hop" sounding mixtapes, with production help from 9th Wonder, we're secretly most excited about the Toto "Africa" beat, and most openly disappointed that "Baby, Baby" is not a Bieber sample.

Download: Lil B's Illusions of Grandeur Mixtape (via XXL)

1. Illusions of Grandeur
2. Live From Da Hood
3. Angels Prayer
4. What It Feel Like
5. Who You Love
6. How I Feel
7. No Peace
8. No Pressure
9. Hood Changed
10. Illusions of Grandeur Remix
11. Based 4 Ya Face
12. Cocaine Killer
13. Baby Baby

Lil B’s Illusions of Grandeur Mixtape MP3