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Why is Willow Smith Scared to Tweet Against Chris Brown?

March 24, 2011

Does Scientology believe in #karma? Last night, In Flex We Trust's @MarisaMendez captured a screen shot of an after-dinner tweet from tiny thetan Willow Smith on her phone:

The mini mogul, perhaps incensed after being mocked by a too-old-for-that-shit already Bieber on their European tour, thought that the universal cycle of cause and effect was finally punishing Chris Brown for his misdeeds toward women following his tantrum on GMA. Feminists or not, Willow and her handlers/lawyers are fans of the truth— GMA will not press charges against Brown, would like him to come back for more ratings, so he is not in violation of his probation and will not go to prison at all. Willow took the righteous communique down, fair. But why must her @rocnation-managed account say this?

Young and older girls and boys: It's always okay to delete and re-tweet when you've got your facts messed. But to step down from the 'negative' opinion that abusive dudes should properly process their actions, in whatever manner's fit? Media backlash is instant and brutal these days, it's scary to have an opinion and more important than ever to ride the middle. Kudos to lil Willow for trying.

Wendy Williams went in on Brown yesterday on her show, suggesting he figure out "a mature way" of answering questions about Rihanna and learn to act like a "nice young man submitting to the media cause thats what you have to do." Unless you grow up to be Wendy Williams, and can coffee-talk about people's crazy new hair and "girly arms" all you want.

Why is Willow Smith Scared to Tweet Against Chris Brown?