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Brey, “Distant Dreams from 2006” MP3

April 06, 2011

Brey's a London producer who played trumpet and attended university before discovering Fruity Loops. He defaults to one of our most beloved American rappers to describe his current projects exploring samba, funky, grime and R&B: "As for what the project is I’d like to reference Gucci Mane: ‘The project is enormous, so I can buy chains that are humongous, so that the money is abundant, to get kush that is humongous, so that the jewels are flawless." A track he made as Die Barbie Musik Kollektive, "Face (Junk)," was included on the half of Pearson Sound/Ramandanman's Fabric 56 Live mix that we didn't get an exclusive stream of. Brey will release an EP on Svetlana Industries this summer. For now you can read an interview with him at Abeano, listen to this incredible Joe/Ryan Leslie/Cassie mixon his soundcloud and follow him on twitter, where he's reciting lyrics from Speakerboxxx, in his own way. Two new gems below—vocal gasps and heavy sighs hugged tight between claustrophobic percussion on "Distant Dreams from 2006" and a marching band re-imagined as a vampiric skating rink rally-jam on a just-uploaded, untitled track.

Download: Brey, "Distant Dreams from 2006" (via FACT)

Downoad: Brey, "..."

Brey, “Distant Dreams from 2006” MP3