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Marc Decoca, “Bigger Fish” MP3

April 26, 2011

The transition from underground Southern rapper to underground Southern rapper who gets his music posted on hating ass Northern rap blogs seems to have very little to do with music. Instead it's dictated by intangibles like semi-secret major label signings, high gloss videos, perception of buzz and whether the rapper's artwork looks like this or like this. Well in a world where music and only music mattered Marc Decoca (and Starlito, Don Trip, P. Dukes, K. Gates and about six hundred other dudes you've been sleeping on, internet) would be on all these blogs, in the esteemed company of Fred Da Godson and Johnny Polygon. An A-Town spitter with ever-so-slight traces of Kilo Ali in his bloodline, Marc's gizzard stepping "My Trigga" is a completely overlooked grimy favorite. On "Bigger Fish" he shows a more thoughtful side, bringing life to the state-of-the-game rap game. The afore-unmentioned blog darlings might heed well to give it a listen.

Download: Marc Decoca, "Bigger Fish"

Posted: April 26, 2011
Marc Decoca, “Bigger Fish” MP3