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Full Blooded’s Memorial Day

May 27, 2011

For reasons that have nothing to do with the impending holiday weekend, today seemed like as good a time as any to revisit the debut album from No Limit soldier Full Blooded. If Wikipedia and this song are to be believed, Blooded was Soulja Slim's older cousin, and he had an energy befitting the No Limit chain, with a style that lands somewhere between Fiend’s growls and Mystikal’s slightly faster growls. No Limit's in-house production crew, Beats By The Pound, were operating at close to the top of their menacing post-bounce game.

Despite being released during the hypercolor Q Pack heyday of No Limit and produced on the same assembly line that made Master P millions, Memorial Day failed to gain the commercial traction that many of his label mates did and today is mostly forgotten by all but the most loyal No Limit devotees. Which is a shame because it's as consistent as any record in The Tank's canon, if not more so. Even the artwork, depicting a giant angry Full Blooded digging up a graveyard, is underrated by the Pen N Pixel internet meme-ers of today.

In 2001, Full Blooded released an indie follow up, Untamed, with his fantastically named crew The Hounds of Gert Town, and then subsequently fell off the southern rap radar. He's practically ungooglable today. But if you do see a garish and rubbery red/orange case poking out of the used CD racks and it happens to be Memorial Day, drop the $3 and jam it.

Posted: May 27, 2011
Full Blooded’s Memorial Day